Serving February 4, 2015 - January 16, 2017

Serving February 4, 2015 - January 16, 2017



Monday, December 12, 2016

YOMO; Work Hard, Eat Hard (10-24-16)

Family and the rest of you all on my email list that I love(and those that just open this email and then close it, so your phone will stop showing that you have unread mail)...  First off, I love you, and second off, this has been a pretty darn good week, and me and Elder Payne made our companionship goals, but I will get there, so just be patient, haha.  Well this week has been a good week, but also a roller coaster of a week, that is blissfully stressful, haha, I hope that makes sense.  We are just working our hardest, and we are finding some of the most elect people I have ever met in my mission, it is freaking sweet.  We have been trying to apply something president taught and work in what we call smaller-radius areas, so basically, we just get a pencil and draw a circle that is all of the houses within a 15-30 minute walk of the chapel and we only work there.  At first we were nervous because everything in that are was apartment buildings, and that is where the richest people live, and in the mission there is a bad air about them.  But we decided, "hey, a bunch of people all close to each other, they should be a little more educated, and they wont beat around the bush if they don't want to progress, sounds efficient to us" so we bucked up in our faith and we got going.  Withing 2 days we had found some of the most elect people I have met in my whole mission.  For the sake of time I will tell you about one, her name is Sazia, she is super cool, and so we go in, it was her and her 18 year old brother.  She lets us in, and we were sitting down when I notice a ton of books that with authors I recognize, like WHAT THE HECK!!!! you never see that in Mozambique, she had artists like dan brown, agatha christie, nicholas sparks, the dude that wrote 50 shades of grey, and shakespeare, all in portugues.  I just about died, then we talked about books to lead into the gospel, turns out she has 3000 books, that is ridiculous.  Then she tells us she is engaged to a guy from Liverpool, England, who is in Cabo Del Gado working.  Finally we teach the restoration, and the we were just so enveloped in the spirit that it was impossible to deny, she is so in love in reading that I gave her my personal copy of the triple combo to read until we can get her her own copy of the book of mormon.  Then we come back the next day, she has already read the first four chapters of the Book of Mormon and then she asked how many times we had read it and Elder Payne said 5 or 6 and she responds, "Well I am going to read it 12 times, just to beat you"  This happened Friday, and Saturday and then she comes to church, and in spite of a feedback filled sacrament meeting and a ton of noise, she feels the spirit super strong and starts crying.  In gospel principles she read the lesson in the manual and understood it better than the teacher, I am so in awe writing this at how many miracles I have seen in the last few days.  But she is super real.  My area is dope, so many people came to church, I love my comp, I love this work, God lives and I know that this is true.

Now to our comp goals
1-Work Hard, Eat Hard- i.e. the pictures of us at the nice restaurants
2-YOMO-You only mission once
3- I shouldnt send this one via email, sorry

Elder Holt

So like as part of our YOMO attitude, as well as Work Hard, Eat Hard, Elder Payne and I went to this restaurant called the Fish Market where we picked out the fish we wanted and then they cooked it up for us.  We got shrimp, squid, and this fish that I think is called grouper... 

Here's the pictures: 

p.s. i love you all
Elder Holt & Elder Payne

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