Serving February 4, 2015 - January 16, 2017

Serving February 4, 2015 - January 16, 2017



Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Another Good Week (9-5-16) Picture Overload-It's a good thing!

So this week we just chilled in the house a ton....  I promise I don't suck as a missionary, we just have had a lot of work done on our house and the mission rule is that if someone is working on your house you have to be with them supervising, so we got stuck in for a few days with that.  Other than that we tried to do 6 days of work in 3, so that was fun.  I felt bad because we didn't get to visit all of our investigators as much as we should, but we did our best.  We have our Second Counselor in the Branch Presidency who has been giving us a lot of references and a good amount of them came to church yesterday, he was more than proud of himself, haha.  He couldn't stop beaming, he was directing elder's quorum and he was like, hey, you need to give the Elders references, just look at all the people that I have brought to church...  But hey, if you give us references you can brag about it all you want.  Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting, my last in Nampula, that was kind of rough, I will miss this place a lot, but it has been good time here, and I know that it had to end sometime.  I am super happy with how I am leaving the area.  My goal for my mission was to never leave an area worse than I found it, and we made a lot of improvements here and I am super happy with them.  Granted I know it wasn't all me, it was my companion, our desire, our work, and mainly the will of the Lord.  But we are growing little by little and we will be a large stake here in Nampula one day. We also had a solar eclipse, except the clouds covered it during the coolest part.... I really can't think of much else that has happened recently, but I ask for your prayers for our investigators.  It looks like I will be going to Maputo sometime this week, I think closer to the beginning rather than the end, but that should be good.  I will talk a little more about that next week.  But I love you all and miss you, and hope you have a great week.  And give references to the Missionaries so you can brag about them at church.
Elder Holt

Let's be real, this is the only part you all care about, so there are some of the crocodiles and my comp poking it with bamboo, us with Sergio and Rosalina, and the Shawarma Guy I always tell you about, oh and my attempt at a picture early in the solar eclipse that happened

With Sergio & Rosalina
Solar Eclipse
With the Shawarma Guy
So Elder Taukiuvea took these pictures and I figured since I was sending them to myself to keep I might as well send them to you all as well, I am sure you wont mind, at least my mom wont...

Moçiro, (Mow-see-row)- African Facial

So to explain, here in nampula we often see people, mainly the women with this white stuff all over their faces during mid-day, especially on holidays, when they paint it on in designs.  It is called Moçiro, (Mow-see-row), so I bought some and some of the youth from the ward taught us how to use it, they said it is good for your skin, so basically we got african facial, and I am not ashamed, and now I know how to do it.









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