Serving February 4, 2015 - January 16, 2017

Serving February 4, 2015 - January 16, 2017



Thursday, April 9, 2015

Week 3 Mozambique

Eu Não Lembro Qual Semana

Boa Tarde Tudo,

Well it is Tarde Here, I think it is like 4am for you all.  Haha, how is everyone doing?  I am still here in Africa in case you didn't notice my absence.  Haha, just kidding.  Anyways, Elder Keck and I had another good week here in T3.  We were able to start teaching 2 new amazing families, both accepted baptism, we just need to set a date.  I have just been trying my best to work my hardest, because we are always so busy.  We average 7-8 lessons a day, and we try for at least 5 qualified contacts, because of this we never have any kind of downtime.  On the brightside I sleep really good at night. We have had rain three times this week.  Twice over night, and then once while we were out working.  the storm was nothing like the ones I have had described to me by the people here, but I probably won't get to have one of those for about 7 months until the rainy season starts again.  I still came home soaked though.  It was kind of difficult to get investigators to come to church this week because our church doesn't do anything super extravagant for easter, and they want extravagance.  We did have two families though.  One of the families Jeque and Raquel are super awesome.  Jeque already has such a strong testimony, he called us the other night and asked what tithing was because he read about it.  We explained it to him, and his response was,"I will bring the money to church tomorrow, can you help me submit it?" His wife is a little harder to teach however, because she is from Swaziland and doesn't speak Portuguese... or English.  Thankfully she speaks the local dialect Xichangana, and we can bring members on splits to help translate.  I am super excited for them.  I am still getting adjusted to the local stuff, but it is coming.  The other night Elder Keck and I decided I would try sugarcane, it is a treat that a lot of the locals love.  Basically you bite would and suck the sugar out of it.  I would describe it as eating mouthfuls of slivers that have been soaked in sugar water.  It was pretty decent though, as well as painful.  We have a lot of local drinks that aren't common in the states, my favorite is Guarana and Litchi.  Almost everything is super cheap.  We can get any drink for like 15 Metacais(50 cents).  Because of this we don't have to carry water with us, which is super nice because we are walking like 12 miles a day or more.  We went to the city this week for a training which took all day between the training and travel.  It really sucks missing days of work, it just doesn't feel right.  My hair got too long this week, and I had to cut it this morning, I feel like a little kid again because of how short it is, but Elder Keck did a good job.  We are progressing well out here, and I am so grateful to be a part of this work right now.  I love this easter season and reflecting on the life of our savior, I have grown so close to Him, because He is the only one who knows what I am going through right now, the mission is very hard, but I feel His support every moment of every day.  There is no reason this feeling should only exist for me as a missionary though.  I pray that all of you would strive to yoke with Him every moment of every day, because He makes everything easier, even the things that seem stupid.  He is my Savior, my brother, and my best friend, and because He lives, there is no thing in this life that is impossible, even leaving the ones I love for two whole years.  I am so grateful for Him, and I hope you will all recognize His atoning sacrifice for you.

With Love, and No Diseases... yet,
Elder Anthony Holt

Other things he had to say:

On P-Days we just shop and email, and play some soccer.  I will watch conference in about a month, and then  I will understand it a month later when we get the  Liahona in english.
Elder Holt & Elder Keck eating Sugar Cane, a treat loved by the locals, "it's like
eating mouthfuls of slivers that have been soaked in sugar water!"

Elder Keck giving Elder Holt a haircut!

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